Ger-Art Gallery

Ger-Art Gallery and Framing, is an Atlanta based initiative with a portfolio of services that range from art dealing, framing and installation.

As gallery and art dealer, Ger- Art is a bridge for the art harvest of the local and Latin-American scenes, focusing in modern and contemporary art expressions with an emphasis in works on paper and prints.

We provide quality art framing solutions for a wide range of media and sizes. We feel comfortable building large scale stretchers, mounting refined collectible prints, canvases and photography. We love helping our clients to recognize the media of their works and the most appropriate presentation for it, focusing on the conservation and enhancing of the artwork.

As installers, our team includes experienced artists and art handlers that have served residential and corporate clients, as well as auctions, galleries, collectors and public venues. We feel as comfortable accomplishing iconic challenges as the large installation of paintings by Jake Messing at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, as with the personal interaction of customers by helping them to place and hang their art at home.

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